Endowed in perpetuity by the Glenna Luschei Fund for Excellence
2016 Winter Volume 90 Number 4

Table Of Contents

Matthew Shenoda - Preface to the Food Portfolio
Barbara Jane Reyes - Consume, poem
Craig Santos Perez - spam’s Carbon Footprint, 2016, poem
Craig Santos Perez - Ode to Soy Sauce & Fina’denne’, poem
Hayan Charara - Bees, Honeycombs, Honey, poem
Quincy Troupe - Lusting after Mangoes Number 3, poem
Adrian Castro - The Threshing Floor, poem
Adrian Castro - Work Song (3): Not Until the Day’s Work Is Done, poem
Youmna Chlala - Nayla, story
Rajiv Mohabir - Curry Powder, poem
Rajiv Mohabir - Terrorism in Manhattan, poem
Ladan Osman - The Bee’s Gospel, poem
Sun Yung Shin - wh(r)i(c)t(e)e, or, threshing/white/rice, poem
David Campos - Lemons, poem
David Campos - Drought Garden: Lemon Tree, poem
David Campos - The Tangerine Tree Has Something to Say about My Infertility, poem
Parneshia Jones - Lemons: Part I, poem
Reginald Gibbons - Little Birthday Cakes in the City of Tomis (Ovid), poem
Reginald Gibbons - [Words carved in a limestone boulder] (Leonidas of Tarentum), poem
Alison Hawthorne Deming - The House Built of Herring, essay
Evie Shockley - direct to your table, poem
Yona Harvey - On Literacy, essay
Chris Abani - Breakfast, poem
Afaa Michael Weaver - East Baltimore, Fried Chicken, poem
Fady Joudah - The Tea and Sage Poem, poem
Fady Joudah - Dog Food, poem
Aimee Nezhukumatathil - How to Make Halo-Halo Last Longer Than a Day, essay
Aimee Nezhukumatathil - The Pepper King Returns, poem
LeAnne Howe - NeoNativeChefs.com, fiction
Patricia Smith - My Bricks Be Foul, essay
Lucinda Roy - Cordon Sanitaire, poem
Lucinda Roy - Fabric, poem
Lucinda Roy - Detention and Multiplication, poem
Lucinda Roy - Our waiter wasn’t wounded, poem
Philip Huynh - The Abalone Diver, story
Kay Cosgrove - Japan’s Ama Divers, poem
Dana Roeser - Crush, poem
Anna Journey - Prologue as Part of the Body, essay
Kathryn Merwin - Bayou Requiem, poem
Laura Kolbe - Garter, Copper, Water, poem
Alison Powell - The First Deluge, poem
Alison Powell - The Book of Revelations, poem
Rachel Dacus - Bird Bones, poem
Jack Driscoll - Land of the Lost and Found, story
Jessica Hendry Nelson - Sunday: A Travelogue, essay
Maya Jewell Zeller - Joni, poem
Brian Clifton - Snow Baby, poem
Tana Jean Welch - The Real Nightmare, poem
Catherine Freeling - I’m the sister who stands in front of houses, poem
Bruce Cohen - The Illusion of Horizons & Surface Tension, poem
Bruce Cohen - Buddhist Perversions, poem
Daniel Lawless - A , poem
Daniel Lawless - Antoinette in Flames, poem
Madeleine Dubus -  Godspeed, story


Ursula Villarreal-Moura - 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl by Mona Awad
Dante Di Stefano -  Chop: A Collection of Kwansabas for Fannie Lou Hamer by Treasure Shields Redmond and 7 x 7 Kwansabas by Tara Betts
Christopher X. Shade - The Man Who Snapped His Fingers by Fariba Hachtroudi

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