Endowed in perpetuity by the Glenna Luschei Fund for Excellence
2017 Winter Volume 91 Number 4

Table Of Contents

Toi Derricotte - To the reader: On publishing a poem about the abuse in my childhood, poem

Toi Derricotte - Reading Robert Lowell at 3 am, poem

Toi Derricotte - Bad Dad, poem

Toi Derricotte - Fishermen with catch: Lamu, Kenya, poem

Toi Derricotte - On knowing a woman who excuses herself from the table, even in restaurants, to brush her teeth, poem


Kevin Prufer - Tender Thoughts, poem

Kevin Prufer - Wet Leaves, poem

Kevin Prufer - The American Voter, poem

Kevin Prufer - Jesus Christ, poem

Kevin Prufer - Not Thinking, poem

Kevin Prufer - Far-Away Wars, poem


Abdourahman Waberi - In Plain Speech, poem

Abdourahman Waberi - The Hoopoe, poem

Abdourahman Waberi - Wager, poem


Susan Laughter Meyers - Finding Her Huck Embroidery Folded in a Drawer, poem

Susan Laughter Meyers - Aunt Mary Alice Teaches Me to Tat, poem

Susan Laughter Meyers - Stars-on-the-River Tanka, poem

Susan Laughter Meyers - Postcard from Paris, a Deciphering, poem

Susan Laughter Meyers - Under the Waning Moon, poem

Susan Laughter Meyers - Sundog Sonnet, poem

Susan Laughter Meyers - Self-Portrait as a Small Journey, poem


Mahtem Shiferraw - Crossing Borders, poem

Mahtem Shiferraw - Swallowing Suns, poem

Mahtem Shiferraw - Invisible, poem

Mahtem Shiferraw - Your Body Is War (IV), poem


Clara Chow - Siren (Redux) by Haley Tien-Warrior – 25th Anniversary Oral History/ DJ Cliffhanger Remix – MUST LISTEN! THE FEELS . . . Awesome . . . , story


Robert Gibb - How to Paint a Dead Man, poem 


John Blair - Zed, poem 


Brian Sneeden - Elegy in Which I Am Awake, poem 


John Lane - Grand Dragon, poem

John Lane - Locker Room, poem


Jennifer De Leon - Gyms, essay 


Morri Creech - Self-Portrait as Magritte, poem

Morri Creech - Self-Portrait after Goya, poem


Alpay Ulku - Present Tense, poem

Alpay Ulku - Toxic Sun, Fifth of July, poem

Alpay Ulku - Angry at God, poem


Carolina Hotchandani - Phantom, poem 


Kate Folk - The Last Woman on Earth, story 


Simon Perchik - It was first a parade and your heart, poem 


Hussain Ahmed - Things I Saw in My Father’s Eyes, poem 


Adrienne Su - Instant Ramen, poem

Adrienne Su - Consomm., poem

Adrienne Su - The End of Mea David Moolten Joe, poem 


Catherine Uroff - Dolphins, story


Connemara Wadsworth - Attic, poem

Connemara Wadsworth - Drawing with My Mother, poem

Connemara Wadsworth - In the Queue, poem


Barbara Helfgott Hyett - Night Guided by a Brown Beetle, poem

Barbara Helfgott Hyett - I Never Said, I Love You Best, poem


David Koehn - I Dream I Am Walking the Streets of an Unknown Metropolis with Anthony Bourdain and He Thinks Me a Bit of a Doofus, poem 


Mark Burr - Dreamsick, poem 


Katie Condon - When I Am Told to Buck Up to Fight the Good Fight to Pull Up My Boot Straps & Build Bridges But I Am Not Ready But I Know Damn Well I Should Be Ready So I Try:, poem


Saddiq Dzukogi - Father’s Last Meal, poem 


Stevie Howell - Notes on not being able to have a baby, poem 


Kerrin McCadden - When My Brother Dies, poem

Kerrin McCadden - Killeter Forest: Father McLaughlin’s Well, poem


Julian Randall - You Got McDonald’s Money?, poem

Julian Randall - San Zenon Repents, poem


Melissa Fraterrigo - Tadpoles, essay 


Rachel Heimowitz - Refresh, poem

Rachel Heimowitz - Perhaps, poem

Rachel Heimowitz - Cranes, poem

Rachel Heimowitz - Mangoes, poem


William Archila - Beyond Bruegel’s Shore, poem 


Eileen Bartos - Letter, poem 


Ronda Broatch - Where the Lunch Cactus Grows, poem 


J. Scott Brownlee Aron - Above the River, poem 


Susan Okie - In Great Village, poem 


Bethany W. Pope - Clinton, South Carolina, poem

Bethany W. Pope - Purifier, poem


Kelly Terwilliger - Gravediggers, poem


John Kinsella - Stumps, story 


Patricia Clark - What I Wanted, poem

Patricia Clark - Our Lady of Victory Church, poem


Leila Chatti - Eyes Opened, As Gods, poem

Leila Chatti - Again the Summer Fires, poem

Leila Chatti - Faulty, poem

Leila Chatti - Indecision, poem


Katie Farris - What Daniil Kharms Believes, poem

Katie Farris - from ‘‘If Marriage,’’ poem


Komal Mathew - After the Honeymoon, Home, poem

Komal Mathew - Dressing for Diwali, poem


Abby E. Murray - When I Tell You I Love You, poem


María Isabel Alvarez's Marriage of a Thousand Lies reviewed by SJ Sindu

César Aira's The Little Buddhist Monk & The Proof reviewed by Bradley Babendir

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