Endowed in perpetuity by the Glenna Luschei Fund for Excellence
2017 Fall Volume 91 Number 3

Table Of Contents

Fadwa Soleiman - Rest in the moon, poem 
Fadwa Soleiman - Two tears flooding Paris, poem 
Fadwa Soleiman - Who will die tonight?, poem 
Fadwa Soleiman - For Lana Sadiq, poem 
Leymen Pérez - Pain’s System, poem 
Leymen Pérez - The Vein Cleanser, poem 
Yi Tal - On the Way to a Goddess’s Mountain: Rain and My Emotions, poem 
Yi Tal - A Drawn Crane, poem 
Yi Tal - A Poem for Hweng Dang, poem 
Yi Tal - After a Poem by Yoon S˘o-joong, poem 
Joan Murray - The Discovery, poem 
Wendy Barker - The Dirt, poem 
Wendy Barker - One Week after the Election, poem 
Erin Adair-Hodges - Twelve, poem 
Erin Adair-Hodges - Triskelion, poem 
Rachel Toliver - Abridgments, essay 
Kirstin Allio - Yin, Yang, poem 
Mary Donnelly - One, poem 
José Angel Araguz - Disrepair, poem 
sam sax - Willowbrook, poem 
sam sax - Missing Persons, poem 
sam sax - Bury, poem 
Nick DePascal - Being Serious, poem 
Nick DePascal - Vestigial, poem 
Nida Sophasarun - The Room in Palermo, poem 
Nida Sophasarun - Ants (in Four Acts), poem 
Nida Sophasarun - The Snake, poem 
Emily Skaja - Letter to S, Hospital, poem 
Lis Sanchez - Tarjeta from the Chihuahuan Grasslands, poem 
Avital Gad-Cyckman - Uncles, story 
Rob Shapiro - On Visiting Faulkner’s Grave, poem 
Rob Shapiro - Before My Mother Moves South, poem 
Rob Shapiro - Northern Cardinal in Winter, poem 
Rob Shapiro - Mississippi Gambers after Dusk, poem 
Kent Leatham - L’infinito, poem 
Kent Leatham - Displacement, poem 
Michael Hurley - The Imaginary Daughter, poem 
Michael Hurley - In Lieu of Flowers, poem 
Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné - To Enter My Mother’s House, poem 
Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné - How to Make Him Stay, poem 
Clare Rossini - Heat and Bother, poem 
Clare Rossini - I Was Almost to the Stairs, poem 
Clare Rossini - Alzheimer’s Unit, poem 
Susan Hutton - In Sequence, poem 
Susan Hutton - Hardly Anything, poem 
Melissa R. Sipin - The Shape of My Mother’s Body, essay
Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers - Public Swim, essay 
Donald Platt - Ocean View from a Hotel Balcony in the Off-Season, poem 
James O’Sullivan - Ghosts, poem 
James O’Sullivan - Galaxies, poem 
Shireen Madon - Religion, poem 
Shireen Madon - Boat on the Essequibo, poem 
Naira Kuzmich - The Artist and His Mother, poem 
Naira Kuzmich - Geghard, poem 
Naira Kuzmich - The Great American Novel, poem 
Gibson Fay-LeBlanc - The Varieties of Moss on Deer Isle, poem 
Edward Falco - Tsunami, East Japan, poem 
Summar West - Upon My Arrival, poem 
Summar West - Benediction, poem 
John Sibley Williams - Bad Water, poem 
Sean Prentiss - Pantheon of Loss, essay 
Susan Landgraf - Bird Man, poem 
Susan Landgraf - First Six Years of the Green River Murders, poem 
Matthew Murrey - Calcium, poem 
Alicia Mountain - Asteroid Recovery, poem 
Alicia Mountain - Almanac Traction, poem 
Benjamin Hertwig - drunk-driving, poem 
Felicia Zamora - Of Instinct, poem 
Felicia Zamora - Propulsion, poem 
Wyatt Townley - Black Wedding Train, poem 
Wyatt Townley - Sweeping the Porch, poem 
Jeff Whitney and Philip Schaefer - Elegy for Chad, poem 
Jeff Whitney and Philip Schaefer - Sweetwater, poem 
Michael Bazzett - Head Case, poem 
Michael Bazzett - Sometimes the Body Gets Tired, poem 
Michael Bazzett - What Can I Do?, poem 
Caitlin Kindervatter-Clark - Animal Rhetoric, story


Gregory Mahrer's A Provisional Map of the Lost Continent reviewed by Rebecca Patrascu
Robert Andrew Perez's The Field reviewed by Kamden Hilliard
Kristen Renzi's The God Games and Other Voices reviewed by Elizabeth Hoover

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